Tables come in various sizes, ranging in style and shape. Below, we explain the various table sizes and its seating capacity. Please use this guide for determining the right table shapes and size for you.

Here are common questions we get about tables.

  • How many people will fit around a round table?
  • What size table do I need?
  • What size table will fit in my dining area space?
  • What size table will seat 4, 6, 8, 10 people?

Here is our recommended seating capacity for round tables.

  • A 36″ round table seats 4 people
  • A 48″ round table seats 6 people
  • A 60″ round table seats 8 people
  • A 72″ round table seats 10 people

Here is our recommended seating capacity for rectangular tables.

  • A 30″ x 72″ rectangular table seats 6 people
  • A 30″ x 96″ rectangular table seats8 people (10 people if one person sitting on each end of table)

Remember you also need to allow space between and behind guests

  • Allow at least 18″ from edge of table to back of chair.
  • Leave about 6″ – 8″ of space between each chair. This will allow your guests to sit more comfortably, and also get up & down easier.

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